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Liquisys M COM223F

Product picture of: Liquisys M COM223F

This product is no longer available.

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Features and specifications



  • Measuring principle

    Sensor Oxygen

  • Application

    Food, Pharma

  • Application

    Food, Pharmaceuticals

  • Characteristic

    4-wire transmitter with a two-line display.

  • Design

    Dissolved oxygen transmitter in a panel housing for the sensor COS21.

  • Dimension

    96mm x 96mm x 146mm(built in depth)
    3.74x3.74x5.61inch( built in depth)

  • Temperature sensor

    Display and current output

  • Input

    1-channel transmitter.

  • Output

    0/4-20mA, Hart, Profibus.

  • Additional certifications

    CSA Gen. Purpose

Documents / Manuals / Software

Accessories / Spare parts

Order code
  • 335
    • Order code 51500385

      Upgrade "Plus-Package" for LIQUISYS-M

      Upgrade of LIQUISYS-M basic version (parameter pH,Cond.,Tu,CL,O2 (WX to WS)) to S-version (plus-package). Serial number of instrument needed.

    • Order code 51500963

      Upgrade cleaning for LIQUISYS-M

      Upgrade of LIQUISYS-M basic version by cleaning functionality (Chemoclean) (serial number of instrument needed). If not yet installed, a 4-relay board must be ordered separately (51500321).

    • Order code 50047795

      Mounting bracket 96x96 Housing

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