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Chemical engineering optimization enhances project delivery

Combine our software tools and custom services for excellence in each phase of your chemical project

Chemical engineering optimization requires the safe handling of the vast quantities of data generated at every project phase, from Front-End Engineering Design (FEED), including detail engineering, to Execution and lastly to Operation. Transferring and managing this data, minimizing errors and extracting the valuable insights for optimization is a highly complex task. Endress+Hauser engineering tools guarantee seamless data transfer to support end-to-end chemical project optimization.

How we can help

Programmed by 400 dedicated team members highly specialized in IT and IT Tooling, Endress+Hauser engineering tools enable reliable and smooth data transfer at every project phase. Equipped with consistent, accurate data, our customers can optimize their chemical engineering projects and meet their project time and budget performance criteria. The Endress+Hauser portfolio includes a broad range of state-of-the art tools and resources.

  • Central Engineering Platform provides a centralized hub for all engineering documentation

  • Applicator interface supports optimal instrument selection and sizing

  • Configurator tool facilitates instrument setup and installation

  • CAD and Electrical Wiring diagrams (CAE documents) simplify system design

  • Standardized documentation accelerates instrument approval


Sharpen the FEED and detail engineering phase

Large-scale chemical engineering project setup is a complex undertaking, particularly during the detail engineering phase. Consistent data quality and management must be ensured from the outset.

Sharpen the FEED and detail engineering phase
Our expertise in the field

Providing reliable and seamless data transfer during the FEED and detail engineering phases, the Endress+Hauser Central Engineering Platform meets these vital requirements.

  • Utilize synchronized data directly from our W@M Portal to support operations

  • Auto-generate CAD files and drawings to quicken timelines

  • Facilitate accurate detail engineering via direct referral to Central Engineering Platform data

Optimize the Execution phase

Optimal project execution depends upon seamless data transfer, elimination of double entries, avoidance and reduction of errors. Securing the right tools and expertise for each application is vital to smooth implementation, as is superior project management.

Optimize the Execution phase
Our expertise in the field

Endress+Hauser Field Network Engineering (FNE) experts are supported by our FNE design software, which is fully integrated into our engineering platform, and by our project management tool and standards, enabling all challenges to be met.

  • Access reliable data seamlessly for best project implementation

  • Leverage Endress+Hauser tools to support optimal instrument selection and deployment

  • Integrate our experts for smooth, timely project delivery with optimal resource usage

Sustain operational excellence

Superior data management remains expedient as your project moves from execution to operation, and into the long term.

Sustain operational excellence
Our expertise in the field

Endress+Hauser W@M Life Cycle Management comprises a suite of web-based interfaces enabling asset data to be accessed in real time and on demand by plant engineers.

  • Access data whenever and wherever required for operational excellence throughout the asset lifecycle

  • Combine W@M Life Cycle Management with customized services and software solutions to save time and operating expenses

How do we handle Chemical engineering optimization?

Click through these graphics and learn how we can help your engineering.

Graphic showing how state-of-the-art-tools for integrated engineering with electronic transfer play. ©Endress+Hauser

According to your project requirements and application we select the right instrument

Screenshot of Endress+hauser Central Engineering Platform ©Endress+Hauser

The engineering platform is our central information hub. In the platform we generate and maintain all the engineering documentation for your project

Screenshot of Applicator for selecting. ©Endress+Hauser

We select the right instrument that best fits your project requirements and specific application.

Screenshot of Applicator for sizing. ©Endress+Hauser

We accurately size the instrument based of the process data collected from your engineering software.

Our internal process are standardized, used globally and based on international PMI framwork. ©Endress+Hauser

The project management tool helps the project stay on time. Our internal processes are standardized, used globally & based on international PMI (Project Management Institute) framework (PMBOK Guide).


Your success is our main objective. Utilize Endress+Hauser capabilities to speed up your engineering. No matter if it is electronic data exchange, automated documentation or the W@M portal we can support you in all phases of a project, saving time, resources and money. With our state-of-the-art engineering tool and project management tool we ensure your success.

  • 1 week

    turnaround time saved by RFQ, considering 800 devices to engineer, compared to the traditional way.

  • 80%

    time saved for creation of engineering documents including e.g. CAD drawings when using our engineering tool considering 800 devices to define, compared to the traditional way.

  • 20k USD

    is the amount of savings, because of error reduction by eliminating typos, considering 800 devices to engineer, compared to the traditional way.

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