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Calibration tool for conductivity sensors
Conducal CLY421


Portable reference calibration for ultrapure water applications

Conducal CLY421 is the ideal calibration tool for conductivity measuring devices in ultrapure water applications. It offers certified comparison measurement and full traceability of your instruments' verification and calibration. Furthermore, the tool is fully compliant with the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. Conducal comes in a robust, portable hard-top case with battery-powered Liquiline transmitter, allowing flexible calibration in the field.

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  • Benefits

    • Factory calibration traceable to standard reference material by NIST and DAkkS

    • Factory calibration of Conducal according to ASTM D-5391

    • Flow assembly with adjusting and monitoring functions according to ASTM D-5391

    • Accurate calibration by direct use of...

  • Field of application

    Conducal CLY421 is a portable calibration and verification tool for quality-relevant conductivity measurements. It is suitable for all ultrapure water applications up to 20 µS/cm:

    • Life science industry

    • Food industry

    • Semiconductor industry


Features and specifications



  • Measuring principle


  • Application

    Calibration of conductivity measuring loops in ultra-pure water applications in the pharmaindustry; calibration of quality-relevant process measurements in the ultra-pure water range up to 20µS/cm

  • Characteristic

    factory calibrated measuring case with certificate for comparison measurement in ultra-pure water up to 20µS/cm

  • Measurement range

    0,04µS/cm - 20µS/cm

  • Measuring principle

    conductiv conductivity measurement

  • Design

    compact case includes factory calibrated conductivity loop and flow-through assembly

  • Material

    case : injection molded high performance resin

    Conductivity sensor CLS15D: SS 316 L, PES-GF20

    flow-through assembly: PVDF

  • Dimension

    20.9" x 17.4" x 8.5"

  • Process temperature

    0.. 100C
    32 .. 210F

  • Process pressure

    87 psi

  • Ingres protection

    IP67 at closed case without power cord

  • Additional certifications

    factory calibration certificate according ASTM 5391-93, traceable to SRM from NIST and DaakS

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